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Bruce continues to offer one-on-one coaching opportunities for trainers, riders, owners and people who just want to work on themselves! This work helps to build a strong mental foundation, which is something that we can all use to help us handle the pressures of daily life. Whether you are local to Camden, SC, willing to travel to the southeast, willing to set up your own Natural HumanshipTM Clinic in your location, or wish to set up a virtual session via phone or zoom, we can work out a solution to accommodate your needs! 

We are working with local like-minded professionals to present a series of workshops during the Spring of 2021. Following years of working with clients, we have found a number of modalities and services that support an effective way of reinforcing the AlphA Mindset. Stay tuned for information about the presenters and scheduling for the workshops and seminar series!

You'll be able to keep up with your progress through the 30 Day Wellness Challenge and connect with other members of the cohort through our Private Facebook group!

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We've expanded our content through a new course!  The "Natural HumanshipTM Intro Course" includes a step by step approach to understanding the system, complete with video demonstrations, zoom cohort sessions with Bruce, the 30 day Natural HumanshipTM Workshop and Q&A sessions. Click the form below for more information or to save your spot in the next small group cohort so you can begin the journey! 

natural HumanshipTM Intro course 

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