"It was amazing. Our students were able to understand the message and make the connection between what they learned with Mr. Anderson in the classroom regarding how to demonstrate self control, deal with pressure and teamwork and later to put the information into practice when they met Marley. Students were able to understand that the choices they make don't only affect them, but everything else around them. They are not only helping animals or others but helping themselves along the way too!"

Sahar Timbers

21st Century LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Program

Kershaw County School District

The Marley Project, Inc. relies on external funding through government agencies, grants from charitable foundations and direct donations. We are currently operating through an outreach strategy that includes social media and community marketing in order to expand initiatives to include our major projects (ie. completion of The Edge, serving as host for the EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL WINNIE Winners Tour Camden, supporting educational film projects, and research on the effects of the NV programs). Our service projects in 2014/2015 included sessions donated to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office for summer educational programs in Kershaw County pubic schools, funding for arts programs including student groups attending the Broadway Experience NYC, and private sessions donated for individuals in Kershaw County. One of the major projects provided over the past three years has been work donated to the Arkwild (Wild Horses of Abaco) project. Anderson traveled to the Bahamas three times over a period of three years to work with Nunki. the last horse in the line of Spanish Colonial Horses living on the preserve in the Abacos. Nunki’s Story will be featured as a part of the completion of the 45 minute documentary, “THE EDGE: Bruce Anderson - Natural Humanship.” 

Your support is vital to the existence and the expansion of our programs. Whether you are able to support financially through direct donations, through attendance at an event, or through sharing our story via social media and by word of mouth, we depend on you to help in any way that you can. Please contact us with any questions or to volunteer. We appreciate all that you have already done to support our work. Please consider making a donation to help us to continue to provide these services. If you aren’t able to donate at this time, please also feel free to make recommendations of other foundations or individuals that we should approach who may be like-minded as far as goals and values. We appreciate your help!

Nature's View, Inc.

Natural Humanship​TM

The Marley Project, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) dedicated to educational and public service projects involving the Nature's View system. The non-profit foundation supports programs for educational, church and civic groups, as well as individuals for mental health and wellness sessions. The funding donated to the non-profit will also support the completion of projects detailing the work of the Nature's View programs currently in progress to include film, literary and social media. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and encourage others to maintain or restore quality of life through Nature’s View programs; to create a sustainable world through education, advocacy and promotion of the mindset of AlphA; to provide opportunities for others to become more authentic through the understanding of +/- poles and mental tools using the Nature’s View system; and most importantly, to prove that horses are more important now for human wellness, if not survival, than ever before. 


Our goals are twofold. Our service goal is to provide programs utilizing the Nature’s View system and to support equine initiatives, arts education and media literacy.  

Our financial goal is to be successful in terms of giving value to the educational and service groups to whom we give assistance.