"THE EDGE is an awakening awareness of what can be done, one person at a time,  to find your mental tools and muscle memory balance, changing mindset and habits."

- Bruce Anderson

"I have to say, if you have never worked with Bruce Anderson and his Nature's View system, you are missing out on one of the single best things things you can do for yourself! You don't even have to be into horses in order to benefit from his system. His unique approach helps you to operate at your full potential and become the person you are truly meant to be. He can show you how in helping the horse, you can be helped. I feel many people get this wrong when they think about horses. If they have an interest in horses it is usually about what the horse can do for them not the other way around. If people could open their eyes and see how much one can grow when helping the horse become stronger, any of our so called problems would disappear. I urge you to come check Nature's View out for yourself! "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sharon Grimstad, Blythewood, SC

“Bruce helped me with many of my horses in the round pen which in turn helped with my own insecurities, self esteem & confidence. His work is also wonderful for teens or anyone struggling with issues. Round pen work is addictive!”

Deborah Jones Marshall, Camden, SC

I almost gave up riding after dealing with what I thought was a 'difficult' horse. This work helped me develop the tools that turned everything around. Now, both the horse and I are doing wonderfully!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Caroline Harrington, Beaufort, SC


​​​​Immerse yourself in learning about the Nature's View program, and understand how listening to the horse as a guide can improve your partnership. This program is helpful for young horses, problem horses and horses who are moving up the levels in any training method or discipline.


We offer in-depth sessions on personal skills, developing the mental tools of patience, problem-solving and communication. Services include sessions for individuals and sessions offered in collaboration with licensed counselors as requested, depending on the need of the client. 

Nature's View, Inc.

Natural Humanship​TM